The Lessons Of Kutubbagi

Abdul Khaleque Siddique

(Doyal Murshid bestowed the initial line orally and the rest spiritually)

Drops of precious moments passing on
Unconscious brain is rolling down
Oh, Ah! You, human being
Still, yet, you gain no understanding
A fund of breath from The Lord
All creatures recite whom as God
To refund cash with benefit
Without missing any drops or dot
You, people, availed the world
And that swear you did with The God.
Breathing every day and night
Twenty-one thousand- six-hundred
The lot you breath-in consciously
Breathe those out unconsciously
God, Himself, bestowed breath dots
To be paid for every drops or dot
God, God, God, O’ my Lord!
To recite in every breath forward
Humble misdeed of Adam and Eve
Compelled the gift of Heaven leave
Thrown out on cursed-sinful earth
Discord and human agony on path
‘Rabbana Jalamna anfusena
Oa illantagfirlana oa tarhamna
Lana kunanna minal khaserin’
Three-hundred-fifty years onward
Thus wailing and weeping to God
‘La-Elaha Ellallah Muhammadur Rasulallah’
Prayer is granted honoring Nabiallah
To pay-up the account of breath
Search The Quoranic verse in depth
‘Oa Kunu ma-as-sadekin’
Accompany one who is ‘Mottakin’
‘Oa-ttabey sabila, maan anaba elaia’
Those bowed head unto Allah
Keep in touch them day and night
Search out and dive-deep in heart
The deep-divers of love-ocean of God
Where only love-burners are allowed
‘Oabtagu Elaihil Uchhila’
‘Uchhila’ will bring you Allah
‘Oa maiudlil falan tajida
Lahu oalium murshida’
Bewildered gets no ‘Murshid’
Who is most succeed
Touch- Kiss on shin of ‘Pir-e-Kamel’
Become close to Allah and Rasul
Breath account becomes easier
Allah and Rasul enlist you as viewer
Breathe out and count each one
Life on earth becomes easiest soon
A holy dorbar for reciting breath
God bestowed lovely one on earth
Welcome to experience viewing Kutubbag
Learn reciting breath to enrich heart-bag
The love-ocean of Allah and Rasul
The heart of Jakir Shah Gains full
Splendored face reveals heavenly
The gracious Murshid is so lovely.

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